Before and after: The sexy stars of Russian burlesque

Before and after: The sexy stars of Russian burlesque

Maria Weinberg, 25

Maria is a journalist and advertising professional by time, and a seductive diva that is burlesque evening. She’s been at it because the tender chronilogical age of 17, and also by 25 has done modeling work for the variety that is pin-up along with learning to be a jazz singer in the women of Burlesque show.

“I find glitter to my face, to my garments, on to the floor, within the restroom, in my own sleep, on my pet, within my meals – it is everywhere! ”, Maria states. “Meanwhile my moms and dads are pleased with exactly just exactly exactly what I’ve accomplished, they repost my videos and pictures. My boyfriend supports me personally all of the means as well as takes a role that is active my imaginative endeavors. ”

Taisia Reshetnikova, 30

Taisia may be the director and co-founder associated with the Kinky Russia events. She’s got held it’s place in the global realm of burlesque dance considering that the chronilogical age of 27. […]